Zach Horne | P.I. | Assistant Professor of Psychology

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Psychology Graduate Faculty

Philosophy Graduate Faculty

Affiliate Faculty in Law and Behavioral Sciences 

Affiliate Faculty in the Institute for Social Science Research


Ángel Pinillos | Co-P.i. | Associate Professor of Philosophy

School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies


Sara Jaramillo | Lab Manager

I’m interested in how social and cognitive biases affect the jury decision making process.

B.A. Philosophy | Arizona State University

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Emily Line | Graduate Student

I work with Tess Neal on forensic mental health evaluations, the measurements used in them, and the role they play in the judicial system. I am also interested in how jurors make decisions and perceive evidence in court.

B.S. Psychology | University of Wisconsin - Stout


Nicole Lobo | Graduate Student

I'm interested in the development of reasoning in children.

B.S. Psychology | Middlesex University Dubai

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Olivia Miske | Graduate Student

I am interested in how scientific evidence influences jurors' judgments and decisions.

B.S. Psychology | Gonzaga University


Hunter Priniski | Research Assistant

I combine data science techniques with behavioral studies to understand how beliefs are shaped among members in online communities. 

B.S. Mathematics | Arizona State University

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Prachi Solanki | Graduate Student

I'm interested in using behavioral studies and data science techniques to learn how adults and children reason on the basis of new evidence.

B.S. Psychology | University of Pune


Undergraduate Research assistants


Ruby Gonzalez

I am interested in how gender roles and stereotypes are perceived by children and their feelings towards them.