Zach Horne | P.I. | Assistant Professor of Psychology

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Psychology and Philosophy Graduate Faculty
Affiliate Faculty in Law and Behavioral Sciences 

Ángel Pinillos | Co-P.i. | Associate Professor of Philosophy

School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies
Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics

Sara Jaramillo | Lab Manager

I’m interested in social and developmental cognition.
B.A. Philosophy | Arizona State University

Emily Line | Graduate Student

I am interested in how jurors make decisions and perceive evidence in court.
B.S. Psychology | University of Wisconsin - Stout

Nicole Lobo | Graduate Student

I'm interested in the development of reasoning in children.
B.S. Psychology | Middlesex University Dubai

Grace Wallace | Graduate Student

I'm interested in cognitive and behavioral development.
B.A. English Literature | Butler University